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According to Various Soil Strata, the user can select suitable earthing design specified by .



Standard Mesh Type Earthing Design for EHV System Substation Equipments Earthing in Hard Rock and Murrum Soil Strata with our Reactivating Complex Chemical Compound Vx-EHT(RED)

Design Details :

  1. Earthing Pit : Size 2000 X 2000 X 2500 mm Depth.

  2. Welded Mesh of MS flat : Mesh Fabricated from 50 X 6 mm MS flat 30 meter approx. Forming 200 X 200 mm Squares 8 Nos. Overall size of the mish will be 1550 X 1550 mm square.

  3. Electrode Assembly : 75 mm GI / CI Perforated pipe 2500 mm length tied up with flat by bolts & nuts duly welded with base mesh & termination taken top for linking up the equipment earthing strip.

  4. Mixture - I : Homogeneous mixture of black soft soil 2.00 Cmt. approx. with our Vx-EHT(RED) complex 100 Kilograms.

  5. Mixture - II : Homogeneous mixture of common salt 1 MT. + wood charcoal pieces 1 MT. + Black soft soil 8 CMT. approx.

  6. Crushed Rock pieces Gravel Size 50 X 35 mm CMT. approx.

  7. Arrangement for earthing lead terminations from equipment body, and connection for main earthing Grid.

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