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According to Various Soil Strata, the user can select suitable earthing design specified by .


  Procedure for filling up New Earthing Pit



Step A :

Excavate the earthing pit size 2000 X 2000 X 2500 mm depth. Sprinkle sufficient quantity of water in the bottom and surrounding walls to become wetty only.

Fill up the bottom layer of the pit up to 250 mm height from the bottom by mixture II ( 8 CMT. black soft soil + 1 MT. salt + 1 MT. wooden charcoal pieces. (Fig. I)

Step B :

Prepare the electrode assembly as per Sr. No. - 3 of the drawing and rest the entire Assembly in the pit as shown in (Fig. II)

Step C :

Collect thin C.R.C. sheet from the scrap approx 18 to 20 SWG having size 500 mm width 3.5 meter length approx. (Please make joints of three to four pieces to achieve requirement of 3.5 meter length (Fig. III-a)

Prepare the Cylindrical Ring from the above sheet by bending both ends & joining each other. The diameter "D" of the cylindrical ring shall arrive approx. 1000 mm and height shall be 500 mm. Collect two pieces of scrap G.I. wire of approx. 8-SWG and prepare two lifting round handles (Hooks) on upper side of the cylindrical ring to facilitate the lifting of the Cylindrical Ring. (Fig. III-b)

Now wear this cylindrical ring to the electrode pipe of the electrode assembly such a way that the electrode pipe remains in the centre of the cylindrical ring. (Fig III-c)

Step D :

Fill up the inner part of the Cylindrical Ring with Mixture - I ( Homogeneous mixture of Black Soft Soil 2 CMT. + 100 Kgs. our           Vx-EHT(RED) complex chemical compound.

The remaining part i.e. the Gap between walls of the pit and outer periphery of the Cylindrical Ring by Mixture - II. After completing filling work of both the mixtures up to 500 mm height, proper ramming and watering is to be done. (Fig. IV)

Step E :

There after lift the Cylindrical ring by help of two lifting handles (hooks) and again rest it on the layer for carrying out filling of 2nd layer cycle. Again fill up the inner cylindrical part of the ring by Mixture - I and outer gap between walls of the pit & outer Cylindrical periphery by Mixture - II up to height of the Cylinder (i.e. 500 mm) (Fig. V)

Step F :

Lift the cylindrical ring by lifting handles (hooks) after proper ramming and watering. Now again place the cylindrical ring on upper layer and arrange 3rd cycle, subsequently complete the filling of entire pit. Please see that water content is minimum 20 %

Fill up upper layer of the pit by crushed rock pieces (Gravel) size 50 X 35 mm. 1 CMT. approx. to provide insulting layer to person moving side by the pit, and to prevent reptile movements subsequently causing hazards. (Fig. VI)


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